Surfaces that repel or shed water have many potential uses. Some of these are listed below. Please note that Nature’s Raincoats is not affiliated with any company and does not endorse any of the products mentioned.

  • The StoCoat™ Lotusan® exterior building paint that sheds dirt
  • Hydrophobic concrete that reduces rusting of the reinforcing bars
  • Self-cleaning clothes that can resist wine stains
  • Water-repellent swimwear
  • mPhase Technologies long lasting reserve batteries
  • Gore-Tex® fabric in breathable clothing
  • Solar panel and radar dome coatings to prevent build-up of scattering droplets
  • Lens coatings in high tech optics (e.g. Zeiss LotuTec®
  • P2i‘s liquid protection for electronic devices
  • LiquiGlide‘s residue-free food packaging and other products
  • AdaptiveSurface Technologies‘ (formerly SLIPS Technologies Inc) anti-icing and advanced surface coatings
  • Glaco superhydrophobic coatings for car windscreens and other uses
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