Hens and Chicks plant

close-up of hens and chicks plant

Echeveria schaviana is a common houseplant originating from Mexico, also called ‘Hen and Chicks’. It is a succulent that has leaves with a rough waxy coating that appears as a white dusting. The coating renders the surface superhydrophobic.

The structure of the waxes on the hens and Chicks leaves is different to those on the Lotus or the Cabbage. It forms a net-like structure of interwoven ribbons (see the image in the bottom right). This appears to be just as effective as the structure of the Cabbage, but is totally different. The leaves collect some water in the crowns of the plant, which can be seen after watering, and can cause trouble if the water is dirty.

Crassula bonsai
Crassula bonsai. Photo: Emanuelm, Wikimedia Commons
Mexican Hens. Topjabot for Wikimedia Commons
Magnified image of Hens and Chicks leaf